MCS Board of Directors Resolution

The Monkton Central School Board of Directors unanimously passed the following resolution at their meeting on June 27, 2017.

Resolution: The Monkton Central School Board of Directors respectfully urges Congress to continue its support for the vital resources in the current Federal Education budget and not to approve health care and children’s food program cuts in the Trump Administration’s proposed budget.

Whereas the proposed decrease to the Federal Education budget (-13.5%) and the Trump Administration budget and health care proposals as a whole eliminate or significantly reduce funding for a wide range of programs that benefit Monkton Central School students and families:

-School lunch programs and food assistance programs.

-After school programs, which have been shown to increase academic performance, improve classroom behavior, encourage physical activity and provide safe and constructive childcare options for working families.

-Medicaid, which provides children’s health care insurance.

-The new federal health care proposal (AHCA) is estimated to increase the number of uninsured Vermonters by 65,000 by 2026. Uninsured or underinsured students and adults may lack the resources to access necessary physical and mental health supports, impacting academic outcomes, student attendance and overall well being.

Kristin Blanchette Chair
Jennifer Stanley Clerk
Andrew Letourneau
Marikate Kelly

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