Notice of Adoption of Animal Control Ordinance


Notice is hereby given by the Town of Monkton Selectboard of the adoption on October 9, 2017 of an ordinance regulating dogs and wolf-hybrids for the Town of Monkton.

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE: It is the purpose of this ordinance to regulate the keeping of dogs and wolf hybrids and to provide for their leashing, muzzling, restraint, impoundment and destruction and their running at large, so as to protect the public health and safety of the Town and the quiet enjoyment of its residents’ homes and properties.

PRINCIPAL PROVISIONS: The ordinance designates regulations with regards to dogs and wolf-hybrids and establishes provisions and procedures for enforcement of the ordinance.


Section 1 – Authority
Section 2 – Purpose
Section 3 – Definitions
Section 4 – Nuisances
Section 5 – Collar and License
Section 6 – Enforcement
Section 7 – Penalties and Costs
Section 8 – Impoundment
Section 9 – Investigation of Vicious Dogs
Section 10 – Potentially Vicious Dogs
Section 11 – Other Laws
Section 12 – Severability
Section 13 – Effective Date

The full text of the proposed ordinance may be examined at the Town Offices during normal Town Office hours. Selectboard Chair Stephen Pilcher may be contacted at 453-3800 if there are questions concerning the ordinance.

NOTICE OF RIGHT TO PETITION: 24 V.S.A. § 1973 provides that not less than five percent (5%) of the qualified voters of the municipality may petition for a vote on the question of disapproving an ordinance if presented to the Board of Selectmen or the Town Clerk within forty-four (44) days (before November 21, 2017) following the date of adoption of the ordinance by the Board of Selectman. Reference is made to 24 V.S.A. § 1973 for more particulars concerning this right to petition. If no petition is filed within this time period, the ordinance will become effective on January 1, 2018.

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