Monkton First Response

Monkton First Response currently has seven members and all are licensed as EMTs with a minimum of 72 hours of continuing education yearly.

Monkton is served by Bristol, Charlotte and Vergennes rescue squads. Dispatch is done by Shelburne Communications Center (often referred to as “Shelburne Dispatch”).

Members use their private vehicles stocked with oxygen and jump kits. Average response time to an emergency is five minutes.

Thanks to the town and fire department for their continued support.

Monkton First Response is in need of people who are willing to give their time and energy. Contact Kelly Howard at 802-752-7886.

E-911 System

The E-911 system has been up and running in Monkton for several years now, and has been a great help for the Fire Department, Rescue and Law Enforcement in locating those who need assistance. When we go on a call we look for that green plaque with the white numbers (the green and white is important because other colors do not show up as well). If you do not have your E-911 numbers or letters, they can be puchased from the town clerk. Signs in stock are $3.00. Signs that need to be ordered are $4.75 plus shipping. This is a very small amount to pay for the safety of yourself and your family.

Many people have posted their 911 numbers and we thank you. Others have not posted their numbers and some numbers are posted but not where they should be. To help us find you, please follow these simply guidelines when posting your numbers.

Numbers should be posted above the level of your mailbox. If your mailbox is on the same side of the road as your driveway.

If your mailbox is across the road, the numbers should be posted at the end of the driveway not on the mailbox. This is what we go by when we go out in the middle of the night to answer your emergency call.

A multi-family home should have letters (A-B-C) posted beside the main entrance to each unit. Remember to post your number and post it properly.

For more information please call Diane Bennett (Monkton’s E-911 coordinator) at 877-3623.

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