Vermont Gas Informational Meeting Update

Vermont Gas will schedule an additional informational.  From Beth Parent:

Thank you to the Selectboard and the Monkton residents who have expressed concern about the scheduling of our public info meeting about the low-level trench development blasting program associated with some parts of the pipeline construction.  Vermont Gas will schedule an additional public information meeting (like the one that will be held on Monday Feb. 8th) in the next couple weeks.  At least a week before the additional meeting, we will communicate with the Town the details of the time and place of the meeting.  We hope to schedule the next meeting early this coming week.  This is just the start of the public information process.  There will also be a process for informing affected landowners near the proposed pipeline corridor by mail and otherwise, as set forth in the MoU between Monkton and Vermont Gas.  Please feel free to email or call me with questions about any aspect of this activity.  Thanks, Beth Parent, Vermont Gas ( or 578-2776)

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