Monkton Planning Commission

Meeting Information

The Monkton Planning Commission meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month at 7:30 p.m. in the Monkton Town Hall.

The Planning Commission will often meet once a month in the summer; please check “MPC Agendas.” Agendas are posted a week before the meeting.

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Our email address is:

Current Monkton Planning Commission Members:

  • John C. Brace, Sr.
  • Marilyn Cargil, Co-Chair
  • Peter Close
  • Foster Collette, Non-Voting Student Member
  • Gayle Chellis Grim
  • Wendy Sue Harper, Co-Chair
  • Ivor Hughes, Clerk
  • Lee Mahony

MPC Agendas

MPC Minutes

Project Reports

Town Plan and Unified Planning Documents

Planning Commission Bylaws

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New Posts

Final Report on Rock and Water Chemistry in Monkton

The Planning commission is please to tell you that a summary of Amanda N. Fishbin’s 2016 thesis on rock and water chemistry in Monkton is now available as is Amanda N. Fishbin’s complete thesis. It may be reviewed at:

You may also find it by going to the Monkton website at and then clicking on the: “Boards and Committees” and “Monkton Planning Commission” and “Project Reports” tabs.

It is in the first section under project reports, titled: “Vermont Geologic Mapping and Well Data Study for Monkton,” which also includes John Van Hoesen’s 2016 Final report summarizing the surficial geology and hydrogeology of Monkton, which has some amazing geologic and hydrologic maps of our town.

This work was completed thanks to a grant from the State of Vermont and the Vermont Geological Survey and the efforts of many volunteers in Monkton. Thank you all.

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