Agricultural and Natural Areas Committee


The Monkton Agricultural and Natural Areas Committee (ANAC) is dedicated to protecting the farmland, woodland, natural and recreational areas, and other open spaces that help give Monkton its distinctive rural character and quality of life.

Committee Members

Laura Farrell, chair;
Sam Burr, vice-chair;
Deb Gaynor,
Corine Farewell
Paul Whalen
Rachel Schattman (alternate)

ANAC meetings are regularly scheduled for the first Wednesday of each month, at 7:00 PM in Monkton Town Hall.

Additional meetings on the third Wednesday of the month are scheduled as needed to review applications other materials brought in front of the committee.  Please consult the calendar for information about upcoming meetings.

Minutes of ANAC meetings can be found here

The application for support for a conservation project from Monkton’s Agricultural and Natural Areas Fund can be found here

Pond Brook Ecological Inventory

During the summer of 2016, UVM biology graduate student Lyra Brennan conducted a focused study of the Pond Brook Watershed.  An Ecological Inventory and Assessment of the Pond Brook Region in Monkton, Vermont is a rich source of information including detailed descriptions of plants, animals, geology, and hydrology of the watershed.

Pond Brook Key Species Guide

During the summer of 2016 UVM biology graduate student Lyra Brennan conducted a focused study of the natural history aspects of the Pond Brook Watershed. One result of her work was the production of a “Key Species Guide” complete with photographs and explanatory text that addresses key plant species that call the Pond Brook Watershed home. The Agricultural and Natural Areas Committee (ANAC) helped to sponsor Lyra’s work and the committee plans to make hard copies of the guide available in the Town Library

Pond Brook watershed project

Hello everyone,

Over the summer, a University of Vermont Field Naturalist Graduate Student, Lyra Brennan, will be exploring and cataloging ecological communities of the Pond Brook watershed, which lays largely between the Bristol Road and Mountain Road, but which also includes both of the Hogbacks and runs into Bristol and Starksboro. She would like to get permission to go on some private lands in that area, as well as on town property, so may be contacting you by phone or email.

Next winter Lyra will do a presentation of her work to the town. She will also be providing the information to the town in a report, and a GIS map.

For more information about Lyra and the UVM Field Naturalist Program please visit:

Please let us know if you have any concerns, or would prefer not to be contacted. Our email is: or leave a message for ANAC with Sharon Gomez, the Town Clerk at 453-3800.

This post is provided for the convenience of Monkton residents. The official website for the Town of Monkton is

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