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Town of Monkton – 2016 Townwide Planning Survey

Please find below the results of Monkton’s 2016 townwide planning survey. You may find them interesting. Thank you for your participation!

Results of The 2016 Townwide Planning Survey

Vermont Geologic Mapping and Well Data Study for Monkton

John Van Hoesen’s final report summarizing the surficial geology and hydrogeology of Monkton, Vermont:

Surficial Geology and Hydrogeology of Monkton, Vermont 2016

A summary written by Planning Commission member, Gayle Chellis Grimm, and Amanda N. Fishbin’s thesis on rock and water chemistry in Monkton:

Monkton Planning Commission Summary of the 2016 Groundwater Study.

Geochemical and Hydrochemical Analysis of a Quartzite-Dolostone
Bedrock Aquifer in the Central Champlain Valley, Monkton, Vermont by Amanda N. Fishbin, May 2016.


Monkton Scenic Viewshed Study 2016

Based on a task within the Monkton Town Plan, (action #2) the Monkton Planning Commission working with ACRPC and a group of interested Monkton citizens has been working to complete this study.

The study identified natural, cultural, and historical elements within Monkton that are intrinsic to the unique, character of the town in order to knowingly guide future development, town policy and land conservation efforts.

This study used both GIS mapping to identify prominent natural features (such as hilltops, ridge lines) and where they can be seen from plus residents input in order to identify priority sites and views.

The final report can be found at: Monkton Scenic Viewshed Study 2015-2016

To look at an aerial map of Monkton with pop-up photographic views follow the instructions below.

To download the Google Earth file, click on this link: Monkton Photos 2016

To display a photograph hold the cursor over any pin and click.

Note: It is necessary to have Google Earth installed on your computer to view the map. Google Earth can be downloaded free from this site:


Complete Streets 2013 (3 Documents)

Monkton Ridge Village 12.16.13

LW Monkton_TAC presentation

Appendices 12.16.13

Local Concerns Meeting Summary

Overview_Next Steps


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