Vermont Gas Project

Vermont Gas has filed a petition with the Vermont Public Service Board for a Certificate of Public Good to build a natural gas transmission pipeline through Monkton connecting Chittenden County to Addison County and points beyond. Full project plans are available at the Town Hall for the public to view. The PSB docket number is 7970.

PSB web page for Addison Natural Gas Project

Citizens’ Guide to the Vermont Public Service Board’s Section 248 Process

How to file a public comment with the PSB

Landowner’s Guide to Pipelines from the Pipeline Safety Trust

Information about pipeline easements:

November 2017 – VGS Filings for Monkton Gate Station

Adam Gero Testimony
AG1 Monkton Gate Station plans
AG2 Monkton Distribution
AG3 Monkton Gate Station 45-day letter
AG4 Monkton Gate Station Budget
Joshua Sky Testimony
JLS1 Resume
JLS2 Natural Resources Assessment
JLS3 Aesthetic Review
JLS4 Archaeological Resources Assessment

September 2017

45-Day Advance Notice for Monkton Distribution Station CPG filing
Attachments to Advance Notice filing

March 2017

NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING, DOCKET 8791, Investigation on Harsh Sunflowers taking in Monkton VT


December 2016

Engineering plans for Monkton 05-13-2106 (updated 12-1602016)

July 2016
Engineering reports: These are zipped files of pdfs of daily field reports from the Town’s hired representative.

.kmz file with station reference markers (594 kb, requires Google Earth app to view)

April 2016 (5 MB)
May 2016 (5.6 MB)
June 2016 (4.3 MB)
July 2016 (24 MB)
August 2016 (12.9 MB)
September 2016 (9.5 MB)

February 2016

Audio file of VGS meeting on blasting Feb. 8, 2016 (106.5 MB, approx. 75 min.) 

Audio file of VGS meeting on blasting Feb. 24, 2016 (118.5 MB, approx. 85 min.)

VGS Blasting plan revised version 2/20/16  (7.8 MB)

November 2014

PSB Order on Re-route along Old Stage Rd. – 11/25/14

March 2014

ANR Notification for Section 401 Water Quality Certification Public Hearing on April 29, 2014

ANR Notification: Updated Stormwater Permit Notification of Public Hearing to be held on April 29, 2014

Letter from Town of Monkton to VGS on Eminent Domain 3/3/14

VGS response to Town of Monkton 3/13/14

December 2013

Docket 7970 PSB Certificate of Public Good for Phase 1 Addison Natural Gas Project 12/23/13

Docket 7970 PSB Final Order for Phase 1 Addison Natural Gas Project 12/23/13

US Army Corps of Engineers Notice of VGS Application for Permit

VGS Monkton Town Right-of-Way Permit Application

November 2013

VGS Wetlands Permit Application to ANR

October 2013

MOU between ANR and VGS

Monkton Post-Hearing  Brief - 10/11/13

August 2014

Monkton Supplementary Testimony – 8/14/13

June 2013

VGS Response to 2nd Round of Monkton Discovery – 6/4/13
  Attachment: .kmz (Google Earth) file of pipeline route in Monkton – 6/4/13

Finalized MOU and Monkton pre-filed testimony – 6/17/13

Monkton Discovery questions for ANR – 6/21/13

May 2013

VGS Response to Monkton Discovery – 5/3/13
Monkton attachment VGS.1-4: proposed service distribution map
ANGP preliminary estimated property tax payments – 5/3/13
VGS Response to Public Service Dept. Discovery – 5/3/13
Monkton 2nd Round Discovery Questions – 5/20/13
ANR 2nd Round Discovery Questions – 5/20/13
(Contains many questions about Monkton re-routing)
VGS Response to ANR Discovery – 5/30/13

Proposed MOU between Monkton and VGS 5/30/13

Link to all other Discovery files and VGS responses – 5/30/13

April 2013
PSB Response to Motions to Intervene – 4/12/13
Monkton Discovery on VGS – 4/19/13
Public Service Dept. Discovery on VGS – 4/19/13

March 2013
Articles passed at Town Meeting – 3/5/13
Monkton Natural Resource Assessment Maps from Supplemental Filing – 3/7/13 (30 MB)
Monkton Engineering Drawings from Supplemental Filing – 3/7/13 (6 MB)
Monkton “45-day maps” updated – 3/14/13 (7 MB. These are easier to read.)
Video of PSB hearing in Hinesburg – 3/21/13
Transcript of PSB hearing – 3/21/13
Monkton Central School Motion to Intervene – 3/27/13
Monkton Motion to Intervene – 3/29/13

February 2013
PSB Prehearing Conference Memorandum – 2/05/13
PSB Scheduling Order – 2/21/13

January 2013
Video of Monkton Public Meeting with Vermont Gas – 1/10/13
Select Board Letter to PSB – 1/17/13
Attachments to SB letter of 1/17/13:
Letter from Curt Freedman, PE
Letter from John Kuhns
Excerpt from CFR on pipeline regulations

Letter to PSB from Caitlin Cusack, Tree Warden – 1/17/13
VT Gas Letter to Monkton landowners – 1/24/13
VT Gas Proposed Potential Route Alignment Map – 1/30/13
PSB Pre-Hearing Conference Transcript– 1/30/13

December 2012
Select Board Letter to VT Gas – 12/11/12
VT Gas Reply to Select Board – 12/13/12
VT Gas answers to community questions – 12/14/12
ACRPC Report and Recommendations on ANGP – 12/19/12
VT Gas Letter to Adjoining Landowners – 12/20/12

November 2012
45 Day Advance Notice Letter and Maps – 11/05/12

April 2012
VT Gas Notification letter to landowners – 4/16/12

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