Town and School Warnings

Please find below copies of the Monkton Town Meeting Warning, the Monkton Town School District Warning,  the Union High School District #28 Warning, and  Patricia A. Hannaford Regional Technical School District Warning.  These warnings have been posted at the Monkton General Store, Monkton Town Hall, Monkton Central School and the Russell Memorial Library.  In addition the current voter checklist is available at the Monkton Town Hall and the Russell Memorial Library.  If you have questions about whether you are eligible to vote on at Town Meeting please check to see if you are on this checklist and if not consult with the Town Clerk. 

2015 Town Warning_Page_1

2015 Town Warning_Page_2 2015 Monkton Central School Warning 2015 Mount Abe Warning_Page_1 2015 Mount Abe Warning_Page_2   2015 Hannaford Warning_Page_1

2015 Hannaford Warning_Page_2

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